FCGénéalogie  -  Florence CAYRE  -  SIRET 82991631100014  -  APE 9609Z  -   TVA FR 87829916311


  After an interview during which the customer will present his requests, a free quote and without commitment will be established. The quotes will include fees, detailed operating costs and possibly travel expenses and accommodations, if travel is more than 150 miles. 

   The budget agreed in the estimate will be never be exceeded without the formal agreement of the customer.

   For all work above 150€, it will be possible to establish a timetable for a phased payment.

   A deposit of 50% will be asked after signing the quotation by the customer and the genealogist. The remaining 50% will be due at the end of the project.

   Paiement is to be  in euros (cheques, cash or bank transfer).

  • Search for act (dates and landmarks)                                                              20 € TTC

  • Transcript in French or in English of an act that is difficult to read        20 € TTC

  • Rate for one hour                                                                                                   42 € TTC

Ascending genealogy complete

  • For 4 generations, or 15 individuals ( individual "root" and 14 ascendants)                                       384 € TTC 

  • For 5 generations, or 31 individuals                                                                                                            558 € TTC

  • For 6 générations, or 63 individuals                                                                                                             960 € TTC

  • For 7 générations, or 127 individuals                                                                                                         1920 € TTC

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