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Terms and conditions



Obligations of the professional genealogist

   The genealogist is bound to an obligation of means and not of results, therefore, he undertakes to carry out a search most as much as possible, depending on the available archive documents, and in compliance with the legal texts, he will make every effort to achieve the expected results and his fees will be entirely due in the event of success or failure. Fees can only be reduced if there is not archival material. In the context of a genealogical research, the genealogist undertakes to search for any document of archives attesting of the filiation of an individual, in priority the parochial and civil acts of each ancestor of said genealogy.

   The result of this research will be the subject of a detailed report including the reproduction of the found documents consulted as well as any incomplete documents.


Deadline for completion

   The deadline for completion of this contract is subject to revision according to the exceptional closures and random archives depot, difficulties encountered during research, because of illness or accident of the genealogist, and more generally in case of any other case of unforeseen disaster. 


Conditions of payment

   The amount of this contract may be revised downwards in the event of incomplete archives, in proportion to unrealizable research. All additional costs incurred by the service will remain the responsabilité of the genealogist, unless prior written consent of the customer.

   A deposit of 50% must be paid upon signature of the contract by the customer ( or the full amount if the total is less than 150 €). The balance of the total amount of this contract must be payed by check or postal transfer upon receipt of the invoice. Any late payment will incur an interest charge equal to one and a half times the legal rate of interest (Law N° 92-1442 of 1992-12-31.


Modification of contract

   The agreement may be modified at any time, at the request of one of the parties, with thirty days notice. If agreed, the change will become effective upon signing by both parties of an addendum to this contract.


Ownership of results

   The genealogist has a moral "perpetual, inalieable and imprescriptible" property rights to the genealogical product he provides has his client, but not on the archival documents constituting the file.

   The customer agrees not to use results verbatim of these research verbatim, or in a fraudulent or harmful manner. They will take advice from the genealogist before any other use other than private use.



   The genealogist is bound by professional secrecy. They are in particular obliged to adhere to legislation protecting the privacy of individuals. The parties agree not to communicate, as part of this agreement, confidential information about a third party and to act accordingly in all occasions. 


Liability for damage

   Each of the contracting parties assumes, in the conditions of the common law, the responsibility of personnel injury, material or immaterial, caused by its goods or its procedures to the staff and property of the other party as well as to any third party.



Duration of the contract

   This agreement takes effect on its signature by both parties and will remain in force until full realization of its object. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time subject to prior notice of thirty days in which case the genealogist will not be required to reimburse the customer if he has started the research subject of the contract. The genealogist shall be entitled to a supplementary payment in proportion to the work already completed.


Obligations of the customer

   The customer undertakes to communicate to the genealogist a reliable starting element allowing him to begin his search, to acknowledge receipt of the delivery and to pay the entirety of the amount stipulated in the contract in accordance with the agreed upon terms.

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